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Jomajo Cleaning Service

Darwin Cleaning Service Specialists

Territory Owned & Family Operated

Strip and Seal / Hard Surface Floor Maintenance

Floor starting to look grubby and dull? Has it lost its appealing look? The floor surface is not much to look at and might be the last thing that comes to mind but believe it or not the first point of impression is at first glance. 

Whether it is;

Tiles, Porcelain or ceramic

Stone Slate, Marble or Terracotta


Jomajo has a strong knowledgeable background in floor maintenance and floor restoration from Strip and seal, Machine buffing, Mechanical scrubbing or to simply sweep and mop your premises. We can tailor our work around your needs where it won’t interfere with your daily business. Feel free to browse our photo gallery for before and after shots and witness Jomajo’s service at first hand. Pictures do speak a thousand words and our pictures say a lot.

Carpet Extraction / Upholstery Cleaning

Carpeted flooring is a nice luxury to have but the down side of having carpeted floors is the fact that a simple vacuum will not clean the carpet deep into the fibres but to only remove the top layer of dirt and debris. Thus over time leaves a good cocktail of germs and bacteria to brew within. A simple solution is to have all your carpets extracted and scrubbed.

Shampoo/water based solution is sprayed deep into the fibres with a 100psi jet spray, it is then scrubbed with firm rotating brush ensuring all carpet fibres are not missed prior to being extracted taking the filthy composites that lie within the carpet fibres that your vacuum does not achieve. Once extracted your carpet will be dry within an hour leaving you a clean floor and the peace of mind your family is in a clean environment.The same applies to your upholstery whether it is your lounge or your dining room suite. Our team will ensure the job is done right the first time.

High Intensity Water Blasting / Pressure Cleaning

Equipped with Commercial/Industrial grade pressure cleaners rated at 5000psi restoring your concrete is a walk in the park. Jomajo has a portable setup that can be rigged through a hydrant valve or even a portable water tank. Rotatory washers aid in the productivity for large areas getting the job done quick and hassle free.

Jomajo has been contracted by City of Darwin council for high intensity water blasting of suburban footpaths as well as the Darwin CBD zoning of high traffic area such as the Darwin Smith St Mall, Mitchell St, walk ways right through to Cavanaugh St footpaths. No job is to big or small our guys get the job done right the first time.   ​

Jomajo has experience in oil clean ups whether it be hydraulic, motor oil even through to your BBQ fat tray leaking onto the pavement. Our team are ready to tackle any job from domestic through to roadway accident clean up

The trick is to tackle these situation early not allowing the oils to stain deep into the concrete. All products used for all external works are of Bio Degradable substances ensuring no harm to the environment.